Fog. November. Family.

fog november family 01 rn108533
fog november family 02 rn108420

It was a foggy cold late Autumn. We met at the parking and climbed the mountain Walberla together. The bigger brother was happy. The little one wasn’t in the mood that day.

fog november family 04 rn108277

At the beginning the family was worried about the fog – they had booked a shoot at the top of the mountain because of the beautiful view from there. But that day there was only fog around.
But as an experienced photographer I was really excited about the weather. Fog reduces the visible to the main and hides unnecessary. The fog helped me to create minimalist compositions inspired by Japanese inc painting. And I love the result of this family session!

fog november family 05 rn108712

For me this series of photographs is a very good example of a well done family photo shoot:

fog november family 06 rn108621
fog november family 07 rn108736
fog november family 09 rn108662
  • it has a good styling, nothing distracts from the form – very minimalist;
  • it is arranged in an epic location;
  • it is emotional and it shows the whole spectrum of emotions which family can have…

And last but not least – it is real and artistic at the same time. I am so grateful to this family for letting me capture it!

fog november family 11 rn108742
fog november family 12 rn108853